We are offering our course on PSV Evaluations--"How not to do PSVs, and how to do them right".  We will review "war stories" of how PSV calculations have been improperly done, areas that have room for interpretation, and how an owner's representative should look at PSV calculations done by consultants and critique their quality.  This will be a 2 day class (~7 hours/ day), with time allotted at the end for specific questions on your current PSV issues.  


Training classes are offered occasionally.  Here's a brief description of each that we do have from past classes conducted.

Prices reflected in the flyers posted do not represent future pricing.

The first course is on Fractionation Train Design Review.  The class is being re-tooled somewhat to include a spreadsheet with a set of sample calculations for your future use in industry.  

Our second course, Introduction to Tray Design (Tray Interns Details), is a 4-hour course that will cover fractionation train tray internals and design of trays, with a hands-on design of all sections of a typical depropanizer as a class exercise.  Samples of internals are provided for viewing and handling, and a detailed review of tray hardware design, installation, and inspection will be covered.   

We can also provide pricing to train your staff at your facility based on size and location, please contact us for those requests on any or all of the classes shown above.