Our refinery experience spans the last 20 years, with work performed in almost every type of refinery unit operation.  Representative projects include:

  • Extensive PSV studies and flare studies across multiple refineries and all units
  • Flare studies and projects, especially the new EPA 40 CFR 63.670 and 40 CFR 63.671 requirements for refiners
  • Refinery-wide expansion study for advantage crude slates for greater than $400MM capital improvements scope of work
  • Cradle to grave grass roots design of a 2 tower system for treating benzene in gasoline pool
  • Flare Improvement Projects at several refineries, including tie-point selections, updates to flare modeling software for sites, and recommending new flare header loops to debottleneck units
  • FCC detailed design modification of main fractionation tower, wet gas compressor, and fractionation train
  • ULSD grass roots design for new unit within refinery
  • Revamp of existing diesel hydrotreater to convert to ULSD hydrotreating quality
  • Transmix fractionation studies to improve the commercial performance of existing facilities
  • HYSYS modeling of new facility crude unit before startup using detailed IFC specifications of the equipment to predict performance, and potential startup / operational issues
  • Naphtha hydrotreater design (grass roots)
  • ​Crude Topping Unit Studies / Feasibility