We are passionate about safety, and especially about Pressure Safety Valves (PSVs). 

Voting member of API 520 / 521 committees.

We offer full engineering services for PSV studies to validate your existing systems, modify them to conform with ASME Code and API guidelines with "fix packages" up to and including construction quality deliverables, and offer training to your staff for empowering them to maintain the systems once updated by our staff.  We can provide the stress relief calculations as well for the reaction forces for your installation if desired.

On multiple occasions, we have followed behind bigger names in industry who have delivered sub-par quality PSV studies at a higher cost.  We addressed the findings by others with a better quality engineering effort to mitigate original contractors' findings.  In at least 2 refinery studies and a cryo gas plant study, we have reduced the original findings by the original contractor of as-built PSV stations by over 60%, providing the engineering documentation to support the plant.  Our solutions for field installations are the least-invasive, and we deliver value for our customers based on their needs of either low-cost installations, or lowest turnaround impacts.

We provide first-time PSV studies for facilities, revalidation of existing facilities, or grass roots design of PSVs for protection of equipment.  We can visit your site to collect the pertinent data, and once we are finished with the calculations, the PSV package you receive will have all the data necessary for the PSV to be checked in the future, with supporting documentation, all in one place for the plant to use.

All together, over the course of the last 20 years, our team members have either performed or reviewed calculations in detail for over 1000 PSVs in the industry.

See our Testimonials page for numerous delighted customer experiences.