We offer distillation and fractionation train design, optimization, and debottlenecking services.

Our team members have designed fractionation trains from the ground up, teach classes in academia on distillation, and have evaluated for optimization or debottlenecking many more fractionation / distillation trains in midstream and downstream.

We have provided creative heat integration solutions to shave capital costs.  We are up to date on the latest tray and packing technologies available to increase unit performance.  Our knowledge of operations of facilities allow us to quickly troubleshoot best solutions.

We can help you apply industry-best practices for improved operation performance of your facility.  If you need to explore opportunities further, call for a free one hour consultation by phone of what your issue is, and how we can help.   Sometimes the best solutions are the ones we come up with in the first hours, then you can decide whether to allow us to serve you further.

Phone:  225-505-6963, ask for Eric Parvin.

Examples of trains we have worked on:

  • FCC Gas Plant, LA refinery--identify bottlenecks for increasing rates by ~20%, rigorous evaluations of trays, exchangers, pumps, hydraulics
  • Midstream Grass Roots design of Depropanizer and Debutanizer, with liquid/liquid amine treaters, mole sieve treaters, hot oil system, utilities, and flare--Canadian location
  • Midstream Fractionation train with Deethanizer, two parallel depropanizers, debutanizer, deisobutanizer with complex heat integration and premature flooding issues, LA location
  • Evaluation of new Crude Unit Atmospheric Tower, pre-flash, depropanizer, debutanizer system to identify startup bottlenecks and operational issues
  • Grass Roots design of Reformate Splitter and Reactive Distillation Tower, Rocky Mountain Refinery.  Detailed design of nozzles, trays, exchangers, all equipment.  Inspected tower internals in fab shop and again once erected in field.
  • Transmix Facility detailed modeling, recommendations for improving operations, midstream client / blender.  Helped determine best solutions of facility in lieu of replacing trays to improve commercial value of transmix distillation at three different locations.
  • FEL-0 / 1 Front End study to determine sizes required of new Deethaznier, Depropanizer, and Debutanizer.  Completed the project in under 40 hours for +/- 40% cost estimate, Candian client.
  • New Fractionation Train Design using unconventional reboiler methods -- USA client.
  • Other jobs for tray and packing technologies not listed.