​​Our company was charged with treating benzene in the gasoline pool for compliance with the latest EPA standards.  Eric simulated and led designs for a hydrotreater, isomerization unit, a benzene saturation unit, and a reactive distillation unit for FEL-0/1 phases for operative technology selection. I was impressed and delighted with his aptitude at engineering solutions that cooperatively met operation requirements.  We continued our relationship with Eric and his team throughout each phase of the project to completion.  Through value engineering, Eric led efforts that delivered both capital and operational savings.  Additionally, Eric was instrumental in reverse engineering technology licensor’s systems to meet aggressive project schedules ahead of time.   This work also provided the refinery with a simulation tool that would provide long term monitoring and troubleshooting support to our Area Process Engineers.  Eric had a knack for building rapport with all teams at every phase of the project.  His expertise with trayed towers was instrumental during the construction and inspection phases of the towers’ internals.  Exceptional process engineering delivered in a timely manner!  Highly recommend!

—Brian Tinetti, Manager Clean Fuels & Special Projects (Retired - 2015)

Eric Parvin led a large multi-discipline team of engineers across 13 months in developing fix packages for more than 250 PSVs for a project I managed at a refinery.  His expertise with PSVs and flare systems was apparent and a valuable asset to the refinery.  He addressed many findings by a prior contractor and was able to eliminate more than 60% of the previously reported issues due to a thorough understanding of API guidelines, engineering calculations, creative approaches to the problems and knowledge of how the units operate.  His practical approach of planning for turnarounds provided innovative solutions that minimized turnaround scope of work while providing work-around solutions outside of turnaround.  He kept a “big picture” view of the project, foreseeing a flare bottleneck and providing a solution, which we later installed.  He ensured not only the process design was effective through improved evaluations of the flare system, but also ensured that other disciplines like civil structural issues, and stress issues were addressed throughout the detailed design, constructibility reviews, and turnaround.  He was able to communicate complex design issues to non-technical management in a way that they could understand without watering the content down.  His past Project Management skills also allowed him to organize his team’s deliverables with evergreen progress charts, so we could track progress at any time for reporting to refinery management, making my job easier.  I would gladly work with Parv again.

                                                                                                                 —Jake, Project Manager, Confidential Refinery


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I have known Eric Parvin for close to 20 years now, observing his lead on multiple jobs.  In that time I have come to recognize him as a leader who gets along well with peers and builds outstanding rapport with clients.  He has excellent simulation capability and possesses in-depth knowledge of equipment design (including fractionation trains) and safety valve design and operation.  Eric has a knack for identifying problems and creating viable solutions for clients.  I witnessed Eric and his team prepare a quality FEL-1 report for a $400 MM project in less than 8 weeks. The project was continued on to subsequent phases.

—Ken Ahuja, Operations Manager, Magnum Producing, LP

“After seeing PSV studies in my career, there is nobody I will choose to trust with my flares other than [Parv Consulting]”

                                                                                  —Retired Process Manager, Confidential Refinery

“You’re so fast and accurate with simulations, I can’t believe how it’s done so efficiently.  I want you to train our engineers on how to become that good at it.”  

                                                                                                                  —Confidential Client, Ohio

“Out of the 80 or so contractors I’ve worked with in the last 20 years, you [Parv Consulting] are in my top three.”                                                                                                                —Anonymous Canadian Client