Use the simulations to look at planning future feedstocks or cost advantageous off spec feeds through your system for suitability.


When requested, we write the simulations using the equipment mechanical specifications in such a way that all you have to do is change the feeds and the simulation will be predictive in nature rather than simply running on manual inputs.

A guide is provided with the simulation for the end users to check critical equipment performance parameters to ensure the results make sense.


Our simulations can help you predict utility loads.  We can even offer improvements to your facility to improve the commercial value and utility costs of your system through use of the simualtion software, and feasible tests to apply to field.


Expertise in Aspen HYSYS, EDR, HTRI, Flare System Analyzer, & VMG.  

"If you can operate it, we can simulate it."  These simulations can be used to predict plant performance.  We can help you model actual equipment details in the simulation for predictive operating points, troubleshooting, and write manuals for using the simulation to understand cause and effects of the actual operations.  Also, these simulations can be used to set a baseline for PSV studies.  We can set up simulations to help determine PSV required capacities as well, including fire case latent heat evaluations with varying liquid levels and shifting latent heat with and without sensible heat effects included.  We have done this with multiple facilities in refining and midstream calibrated to actual data, including distillation and reactors.

Successful in validating refinery operations and midstream plant operating data to Hysys, including but not limited to:  detailed tower hydraulics; slug catcher design; reactive distillation; reactor yields with and without cracking by-products; sulfur movements through plants; detailed heat transfer calculations and troubleshooting; gathering systems; predicting plant performance based on ambient weather conditions.