Katarina Zosel started her career as a Jr. Process Engineer for Parv Consulting in January 2022 after graduating from Colorado School of Mines with a BS in Chemical Engineering on the honors research track with a biomedical engineering minor.​​​ She worked with Eric during her senior design fraction train design and performed three years of undergraduate research with the Gomez-Gualdron

​Our Namesake

S. A. Parvin, "Parv", was my grandfather.  A man who stood for honesty, loyalty, friendship, integrity, and perseverance.  He always strived to earn and keep a good reputation by treating others fairly and with respect.  He always made you feel like the most important person in the room.  It is those same values that we aim to uphold within Parv Consulting.  

Mark Nawrocki is a senior at Colorado School of Mines currently pursuing a BS in Chemical Engineering. Recently, he worked with Eric Parvin as his advisor for his fractionation train senior design project. Over the past year Mark has worked the Farnsworth lab studying Type 1 diabetes and has been involved on a project creating an in vitro model of Type 1. Currently he is working for Parv Process Consulting and Engineering as a Process Engineering Intern in addition to continuing that research. Mark is aiming to expanding his knowledge of 

Michael Eyser, P.E., has over 10 years experience in the upstream and downstream industries. In the upstream sector, he was a Project Manager and Project Engineer for over $115+ million worth of construction projects. On the downstream side, he has designed and optimized process equipment, compressor stations, sweetening technologies, dehydration, etc. He attained his Bachelor's & Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines where he collaborated and holds 2 US Patents pertaining to renewable 

​Melissa Parvin completed her Master’s Degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology from Louisiana State University.  She instructed at LSU in the Kinesiology Department and worked at Pennington Biomedical Research Center as an exercise physiologist prior to becoming a stay-at-home mom.  She is committed to bookkeeping for Parv Process Consulting and Engineering, LLC.


He was an accomplished golfer and has been recognized in the Book of Golf for his many holes-in-one.​  He was a World War II B-17G pilot and flew several bombing missions over Germany before being shot down and captured as a POW.  After 13 months as a POW, he was freed by General Patton.  He was awarded a purple heart.  More details on his war experiences are available by request.

​Bart Carpenter has 40 years of process engineering, consulting and management expertise in petroleum refining, gas processing, and industrial biotechnology.  His downstream experience ranges from chief process engineer to corporate roles in operations planning and strategic management.  He is also well versed in a variety of biofuel technologies.  ​Mr. Carpenter has extensive optimization

George Denavit, P.E. , has over 35 years experience in the design and purchase of mechanical equipment for the process industry. He is a recognized specialist in heat transfer engineering and coordinates engineering requirements with other engineering disciplines. He interfaces with clients and subcontractors to ensure quality product and service from initial specification through fabrication and field checkout.

group which specializes in computational research discovery. During her research, she worked with the Farha group at Northwestern to publish a paper in Chem, and with the Hoberg lab at University of Wyoming to publish a paper in Materials Advances. Katarina is looking forward to expanding her knowledge of the process engineering and applying her computational background to industry.

In God We Trust -- quite simply, on the outside looking in, we chose likely the worst time in the last 30 years to start an engineering/consulting firm. The decision was not made lightly and it took a struggle of walking in faith versus having the security of a paycheck. In the midst of the worst downturn in over 30 years (2nd quarter of 2016), we followed His leading and I decided to voluntarily quit my job to start this endeavor. Melissa said it best, "God's got this."  She was right. We're thankful and continue to say "In God We Trust", because we do.

​Braedy Tanner graduated from Colorado School of Mines with a MS in Engineering and Technology Management. He holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from the same institution and worked with Eric on fractionation train design for his senior design project. Braedy spent two years during his undergraduate studies as a researcher with the Center for Hydrate Research, focusing on the

rheology of low-pressure clathrate hydrate systems. During this time, he developed an innovative visual rheometer cell, allowing for visualization of hydrate development in rheological systems. Braedy begins his career with Parv Process Consulting and Engineering and looks forward to the many challenging and rewarding opportunities ahead of him.

​Eric Parvin, PE, Owner/President, began his career in 1997, primarily as a contracting engineer in his hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. After a client-request to relocate to Denver in 2009, he became a Senior Process Consultant and later Process Engineering Department Manager.   

(View resume here).

experience and is skilled at combining business needs with technology to create high-value projects.  He continues to support the University of Colorado​ by mentoring students and serving on the Advisory Board for the Dept. of Chemical and Biological Engineering.  (View resume here).

and biodegradable polymers. In his free time, he likes to spend time with his wife and two boys enjoying the Colorado weather.

chemical and process engineering in the coming months with the company.

Eric’s leadership at Parv Process Consulting & Engineering (PPCE) brings expertise in refining, midstream, upstream, salt domes as well as feasibility studies, detailed design and independent technical reviews.  He offers creative ideas for improving plant performance using sound engineering principles through energy optimization, capital cost reduction, and reduced operating costs.  (View SOQ here)

Eric also serves as an adjunct professor at Colorado School of Mines in Golden, CO, instructing on fractionation train design, Eric has a passion for equipping the next generation of chemical engineers (Syllabus available upon request). PPCE is proud to offer training services, from informal lunch-and-learns to interactive seminars in topics like refining, distillation and unit operation designs.  (View list of teaching topics under "Services" then "Training")